Sunday, December 1, 2013

Swipe to show main menu in Flickr Mobile 1.0.6

Starting with Flickr Mobile 1.0.6, you can also reveal the main menu using a swiping move to the right (anywhere in the "content" area of the screen).

Other notable enhancements in this release:

  • The physical Menu button can toggle the menu (useful only if your device does have a physical Menu button)
  • You can now set a "start-up" section for the app (experimental)
Both options can be configured from the app's settings, as shown below.

In case you run into any problems by selecting a default section that "misbehaves" (unlikely, but just in case), you can always force all settings to their default value by going to the phone's Settings -> Apps -> Flickr Mobile and tap on "Clear data". 
Warning: only use this as a last resort, since you'll have to login again afterwards.

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