Sunday, June 14, 2015

Upload to collaborative albums in PicsPro

Starting with version 4.6.8. PicsPro allows you to upload to a "collaborative" album created by another user.

To upload to a collaborative album:

1. From the sliding menu, select "Contacts". The app will show you the contacts you flagged as "favorite" on your phone. (You can show all contacts by clicking on the funnel icon in the top-right).
2. Tap on the contact who shared a collaborative album with you.
3. The app will show a list of albums that are either public or shared with you.
4. The albums to which you can upload ("collaborative albums") are shown with a "+" icon in the bottom left - this means you can add photos. See the + symbol near the camera icon below.

5. Tap on the album. You will be taken to the thumbnail view.
6. In the thumbnail view, you will see an "Add" option in the top-right menu. Depending on your phone's resolution and orientation, this may be either a "+" sign or the text "Add" in the overflow menu.

7. Tap on the Add option. This will open your local photo app (ex. Gallery or Google Photos or any app capable of providing photos). You can long-press to multiselect, then press open to confirm. 

8. The selected pics will be uploaded to the collaborative album. You will see an upload notification (upwards pointing arrow) in the notification area. You can drag-down that icon to see more info.
9. Once uploaded, the pics will appear in the target album.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Google 2 step verification with PicsPro for Picasa

By default, PicsPro for Picasa uses the Google accounts and the authentication mechanism of the phone.
However, if you enabled "2-step verification" to your Google account, things can get a bit more complicated.

Here are two ways to use an account with 2-step verification in PicsPro.

Option 1: Using a "built-in" account

In the Web Albums section, press Refresh in the top-right menu
The Android OS will show the screen below. Press "Try again".

You will be prompted to re-type your password. Use your normal Google password and press the
"Sign in" button.

Android will not be able to authenticate yet due to the 2-factor verification and it will show the screen below. Press "Next".

You will receive a verification code through SMS. Enter this code in the screen below and press "Next".

From now on, your Google account will work properly with PicsPro for Picasa.

Option 2: Using a non built-in account

In PicsPro, go to the app's Settings -> Accounts and deactivate the "Use phone's accounts" option.

You will be presented with the regular Google login screen. Type your email and password and press "Sign in".

Google will send you a verification code by SMS. Enter it in the next screen.

Google will prompt you to allow PicsPro to access your photos. Press "Accept".

And that's it! From now on, you can use your 2-step verification account with PicsPro for Picasa.