Monday, December 16, 2013

New and revamped UI in PicsPro for Picasa 4.x

As some of my users have repeatedly mentioned, the UI design of PicsPro looked quite dated - that is, until now.
Starting December 16, a fully revamped version of PicsPro has been published on Google Play.

Here's what's new in PicsPro for Picasa 4.x:

  • Sliding drawer menu
  • Interactions comply now with Google's Android guidelines (the old version of the app had HTC-style thumbnail selection - the ones where you had to select the feature first, then select the thumbnails)
  • Better caching
  • "Select all" in every thumbnail view
  • Compatibility with high-resolution phones (1920x1024), like Nexus 5
Here are some screenshots:

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