Monday, April 23, 2012

Various enhancements in Picasa Mobile 3.2.4

Picasa Mobile 3.2.4 is now available. This new release includes the following enhancements / fixes:

  • The Prompt for album option is now available for the embedded Camera also. You can enable this option from Settings -> Camera Menu -> Prompt for album.
  • All the album prompts follow the album sorting order specified in the Album selector view. Alternatively, you can also set this option under Settings -> Photo Browsing -> Viewing -> Album order.
  • A random slideshow order option has been added. You can enable it from Settings -> Photo Browsing -> Slideshow -> Random.
  • Declared some hardware requirements (like auto-focus, location detection) optional, in order to reach a broader array of devices.
  • Bug fix: In previous versions, when the native camera was used and the device was rotated while typing the photo's caption, the caption prompt would disappear and the upload would get cancelled. This is now fixed.
  • Bug fix: In previous versions, when downloading again a photo and choosing the Rename option, the renamed photo had automatically a jpg extension. This has been fixed to assign the correct extension based on the media type (ex.: PNG, GIF, etc.).

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Select All" button and improved zoom

We have just released a new version of Picasa Mobile, 3.1.2, including the following new features / improvements:

  • We added a "Select all" button when uploading local photos (see screenshot at the end of the post)
  • We improved the zooming and panning functionality
For a long time, we tried to resist to the idea of a "Select all" button in upload mode. This was mainly in order to avoid very long and bandwith-intensive upload operations. In other words, to protect the users from themselves...

However, due to the overwhelming demand, we finally caved in and added the long-awaited "Select all" button. We can only hope that you will use it wisely...
To be on the safe side, we also built in some protections mechanisms: "select all" will not select more than 1000 photos and the user will be warned and prompted to confirm before starting heavy uploads.