Friday, January 6, 2012

Thumbnail refresh in Picasa Mobile

We just published a new version of Picasa Mobile, 2.7.7, which includes a "Rescan" feature for the local media.
When used, the "rescan" feature will force the Android OS to create new thumbnails for the selected photos.
This was needed because, in certain situations, some thumbnails generated by Android are getting out of sync with their corresponding photos.

A more technical explanation: if the thumbnail information is not properly deleted when deleting a photo, Android OS reuses the thumbnail IDs (instead of generating new ones). Then, when taking a new photo, Android "thinks" that the thumbnail already exists for that photo and it inadvertently reuses the thumbnail of a deleted photo.

Many thanks to Corin for reporting the issue.


  1. Is there a way to view the photo size, resolution and EXIF information? I couldn't find this option?

    1. You can see the file size, in KB, at the top of each photo when browsed in full-screen mode. I will update the screen-shots to reflect this.

      We intend to add more information like path, date taken as well as EXIF metadata in a future version.