Monday, May 2, 2011

Picasa Mobile - Initial Relase

At long last, on May 1st 2011, we released our first Android application dubbed Picasa Mobile.
It can be downloaded from the Android Market and more details, including a comprehensive online help can be accessed on the Imprologic's main site.

We felt there was a need on the market for such an application. The built-in Gallery app doesn't offer a lot of features in terms of interacting with Picasa while other similar applications seemed kind of incomplete or presented security concerns.

The intention was to allow the user to easily browse through her Picasa web albums, manage them and upload new photos, even directly from the camera. We are really proud of this last feature since no other Android app on the market seems to offer it. As the cherry on the cake, Picasa Mobile also uploads your current coordinates along with your pictures when you use its Camera option.

We also believe that the best place for your photos is on the web, you can easily share them with your friends and you can never loose them. Your phone may break or get stolen, you don't want to loose your precious vacation or family pictures if that happens. Bottom line, at any given moment, storing your photos online is the safest alternative.

Finally, here's a summary list of features, at the time of writing this post:
  • Direct camera upload including GPS coordinates - it will upload your photos the moment you take them. The photos will appear in your default Picasa album and they will include the location where you were at the time.
  • Fast Picasa album and photo browsing - you can use this app as a virtual wallet photo, you can show your Picasa albums to friends and brag about the places you visited.
  • Manage your Picasa albums: create new albums or update existing ones.
  • Local photo browsing and upload: review the pictures on your phone's SD card and upload them to the album of your choice.
  • Multiple accounts: you can easily switch between all your Picasa accounts. Starting with version 1.0.5, you can choose to use your phone's built-in Google account(s).
  • Secure connections: all the communication with Google Picasa is over https.
  • Free and continuous software updates: we will be releasing new features often, based on user feedback.
And because a picture is worth a thousand words, you may also want to see some Picasa Mobile screenshots, or  a video demo of the app.

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